About Income for Life

Income for Life (IFL) and the Rising Income Retirement Portfolio (RIRP) are concepts developed by Douglas Moffitt for publication exclusively in The IRS Report. The history of both are documented in articles previously published and posted here.

RIRP was first published in 2008, and IFL launched in 2015.

The IRS Report is a monthly newsletter featuring a range of investment approaches practised by experienced and active investors, and is part of Successful Personal Investing (SPI), the unique jargon free, plain-English “learn all about investing” course.

SPI was first published in 1987, and is still the only home study investment programme in the UK.

SPI, The IRS Report and its contents are owned and published by Successful Personal Investing Ltd, Abbots Corner, The Avenue, BOURNE END, SL8 5RD.
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